Memorial Day Weekend – 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Adventure

So for the Memorial Day Weekend, we decided to drive down to Eastern Ohio to visit my mom. She lives about 10 minutes north of St. Clairsville. So we spend Saturday at my moms, where Elizabeth and James got to ride on the 4 wheeler and saw some of the country side. While in the house the kids played with the Legos and later on we went on a little hike in the wood and had a campfire where we roasted marshmellows and made smores.

On Sunday we head to Salt Fork State Park. We drove around the park to see everything that they had to offer and then went to the beach. The kids played in the water, in the sand and we had a cookout. Fun was had by all. Check out the Salt Fork State Park website for more information.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of our little adventure.

2011 - Memorial Day Weekend

[img src=]590Waterfall
Waterfall in Eastern Ohio
[img src=]310Elizabeth In Car
Elizabeth on her way to Eastern Ohio to meet my mom
[img src=]280James 4 Wheeler
James riding the 4 wheeler
[img src=]290Elizabeth 4 Wheeler
Elizabeth riding the 4 wheeler
[img src=]310Horses
Elizabeth and James petting the Horses
[img src=]250Playing in the Yard
Elizabeth and James playing in the yard
[img src=]300Playing with Legos
Elizabeth and James playing with Legos
[img src=]360Kids and My Mom
Picture of the kids with my Mom
[img src=]730Mom and Joerena
Mom and Joerena
[img src=]990Elizabeth Buried in the Sand
Elizabeth Buried in the sand at Salt Fork State Park
[img src=]1090James Buried in the Sand
James Buried in the sand at Salt Fork State Park
[img src=]560Kids Playing at the beach
Kids Playing at the beach
[img src=]440Kids Playing at the beach
Kids Playing at the beach