iPad2 vs. Android Honeycomb

March 3, 2011 · Posted in Techy News and Tips 

So with the launch of the Apple iPad2 and the Android Honeycomb version of the Motorola Xoom, they can finally be compared. Here are some snippets from the article from JR Raphael.

Quick Analysis: Apple’s iPad 2 matches the competition in terms of hardware basics, but it lags behind in features, flexibility, and customization potential.

What I found impressive is the Xoom’s higher resolution display (10.1 inches at 1280-by-800 vs. 9.7 inches at 1024-by-768); support for expanded storage via MicroSD cards; and support for USB connections. For those of you that will buy one of the tablets with connectivity thru a Sprint, AT&T or Verizon, the Xoom is upgradeable to 4G in the near future, while the iPad 2 is 3G forever.

Android’s strongest advantages, though, come via the innovations found in the Honeycomb operating system — innovations that will be present in all Android 3.0 tablets, not just the Xoom. So as other models become available from multiple manufacturers. In addition to creating a far wider spectrum of prices, that’ll present a far larger choice in size and form factor — something Apple’s single iPad can’t offer

Read the full analysis and come up with your own opinion.